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Bite your tongue...sheesh.Why?If you want a SW MMO go play Galaxies.KotOR is a game known and loved for it's awesome storyline.KotOR MMO is for fanboys.
That's real mature, insult me because you don't agree with me. I do, actually, play Star Wars: Galaxies , and it is a decent game. Knights Of The Old Republic is loved for not only its storyline but very smooth (on the PC and Xbox) gameplay. If you read my blog, I don't think a Kotor MMORPG should replace a Kotor III; quite the opposite. I think they should make both, opening the Saga to whole new branch of fans. While you may not like Galaxies, thousands of others do and like it because it's an MMORPG. Think about the possibilities of combining both groups. A smart move if it's done correctly.

Why? The Jedi Problem. Too many Jedi and the game become stupid as an "Army of Generals" game. Too few Jedi's not Star Wars anymore.
I believe if they make the game, they should make the Jedi class only avaible to people who unlock it. That's how it was in Galaxies originally, and the only complaint (no one is ever truly happy.) was that it was to hard. I wonder, have either of you played the game post SOE or are you going by what people are saying?

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