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Good question.

There will be much more questions than the ones Manny asks, but I want this program to be neutral to religious beliefs and practices (or lack of) and only judge a person's worth based on their deeds, their contribution to society, not their religion. So choosing the "wrong religion", working on Sabbath, eating cow meat, premarital sex (itself), being atheist or agnostic etc. are not viewed as sins, but things that are widely accepted in modern society as being harmful/immoral are. These include murder, theft, fraud or tax evasion, exploitation of people, lying, adultery, not caring about the environment, acts that are generally viewed as sexual deviance (excluding homosexuality), selfishness, cruelty (including against animals) and much, much more...

So, while there are higher powers in Grim Fandango, the evaluation is from a secular/consequentialist point of view. (In short, if it harms society/people/living things, it's probably bad.)

By the way, what type of community service should corrupt politicians get? I say scrubing toilets at the DoD, but that's just me though...

PS: I may not be too good with images, but I think I could easily manage a black screen + green text + animation. You know, like in Celso's file where that line drops below a point and all the good stuff gets crossed out. LOL

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