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We've been talking about what type of tattoo people would want (or at least ZaXeriaw) and where here, but as for a specific logo which I could imagine would make tattooing it on someone's body easier, i've been looking around.

So far i've been browsing the DOD ( ) for material,

The billboard/thingy on the front of the DOD building might be a good "logo"

There are also the logos for sproutella and the LucasArts Skeleton

On the DOD site Diney was able to do the latter in a larger formate, so maybe their work might be easier to work off of.

Also CiceroX's work would be a wonderful tattoo, even if it is not neccessarly a logo.

Finally there is always the game title in its GF font.

If you need bigger pictures of the stuff above that's in game, I would be more than happy to make big screenshots for you and post them here.
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