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3D Acceleration Crashes Game

I decided to do some retro-gaming today, taking advantage of being home sick, but I ended up doing more debugging than playing. And I still can't get it.

It seems that any time I turn on 3D Accel for 16-bit textures, the game crashes as soon as I try to return to game/load a level. I've tried all resolutions, the "buffer in memory" option, and all that, and none work with 3D on. I need this on for JK to look normal - otherwise, really kick-butt levels like Spiral's "Haven" levels look all fruity and pixelated. I've also tried using Compatibility Mode with no luck. Is my PC too good for retro nowadays?

Everything related to performance:

nVidia e-GeForce 7800
AMD Athlon 64 3700+
3 GB DDR Memory

I'm thinking it may be the GPU, since I upgraded from the 6600 not too long ago. This is a depressing thought: I may not be able to JK anymore! Anyone know of a fix for this?

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