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Originally Posted by Orzo17
No,it would require a new answer to why is the exile/revan lvl 1,and it would be tooooo cheesy.I think that you should be a new char
I whole heartedly agree with that. Obviously we need to tie up loose ends with Revan and the Exile, but having to play either one of them as a level 1 again would ruin things for me. But playing both of them as level 1 would be ridiculous.

Of course you maybe could play one or the other starting at a high level. But we all finished our games at different levels, we chose different classes, skills, feats, and powers. I would hate to play a default high level Revan or Exile, so the only way I'd want to even try that is if they let us level up the PC and make all the choices myself. But if a KotOR3 uses the same powers, feats, etc. as in the first two games, then I will start out with all those powers and feats I like best. This would then take away from one of the joys of getting new levels in the game, i.e. gaining new new feats and powers that you will want and use. So for my taste, that means I'd want a KotOR3 with many new high level feats and powers so I have something to look forward to on gaining a new level. Also, it would require new creatures to fight and rebalancing of all the opponents. I could go on, but I will stop here, saying it just would be a lot more work for them to develop a game that we could enjoy starting as a high level PC than if the game starts with a new, low level PC.
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