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Originally Posted by Carodej
KotOR3 is still being considered by LucasArts. Unfortunately, during the meetings on choosing which game(s) to develop next, the amount of potential games LucasArts has with a net profit potential greater than KotOR3 has been equal to or greater than the number of games LucasArts wishes to be developing at the time.
If games like LEGO Star Wars and Battlefront sell better than KotOR then it seems logical for LA to continue making those games to maximize profit. And from all accounts I've read both of those franchises sold more units than the KotOR franchise.
Originally Posted by Carodej
Worse (for us), is that LucasArts seems to only want a very limited number of new Star Wars games out each year.
IMO it's a mixed bag. On the one hand I think SW gaming fans want LA to release high-quality games, not shortchanged ones like KotOR II: TSL. So if LA needs to make fewer SW games so they can focus on quality instead of quantity then that is a good thing. As you point out however the unfortunate tradeoff is some games won't get made.
Originally Posted by Carodej
This means that by the time LucasArts is ready to do a new one there is an increasing greater chance they will have a new and "better" game idea to try instead.
Agreed. It seems likely that LA will have games to support the two new SW TV series so that again puts the squeeze on KotOR.
Originally Posted by Carodej
My main hope is a change in key personnel in LucasArts, or a change in their policy of making so few new Star Wars games.
I think chances of the first hope are quite slim. The second one could have wiggle room. LA has tried to limit their SW games in the past and didn't get it done. LA is a different company with Jim Ward at the helm though. I think he is more likely to stick to his guns on the two SW games/year though if LA doesn't release enough successful non-SW games then I think they might not be able to resist the temptation to dip more often in the good ole' reliable SW well.

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