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In engineering, Jyot was going through his datapad checklist in preparation for take-off.

"Hyperdrive manifold?" One of the maintenance panels removed, he peered inside it. "Why did he have to hire Ali of all people...?" He made a small adjustment, then closed the panel door and made a tick on his datapad.

"Aluvial dampers?" He opened up another panel and began to poke around. "As soon as we get into hyperspace," he continued to mutter to himself, "she'll find me and then probably ream my Corellian butt for not...." Something caught his attention to cause him to pause. He checked something else, did a small adjustment with his hydrospanner, and then made another tick on his datapad. "I mean, it's not my fault that I lost contact with her. After all, I've been busy." He closed the panel and moved on to the next one.

"Horizontal boosters?" He lifted a panel on the deck, then dipped his head down inside it. "Why is it always the guy's responsibility to call the girl, huh? She could have called me, right? It's not like Cloud City is out of reach of communications." He made another tick on his datapad, then closed the panel on the floor and moved to another one.

"Inertial compensator." Jyot let out a sigh. The inertial compensator was something that required adjustment--and the adjustment had to be to the pilot's liking. Right now it was sitting at 97%, which had given Nasai just enough feeling of acceleration for him to feel how the ship was performing, but without letting the crew feel the G-forces. But knowing that Ali had been a more risky type pilot when he had known her, Jyot figured that she would prefer a slightly lower setting so she could more easily sense the ship's movements and feel 'closer' to the ship. "Probably want 95 or something," he complained. "Kriffin' pilots and their quirks...."

Jyot pressed his comlink, linking him to the ship's bridge. "Jyot here. Hey, can someone up there tell me what our 'new pilot' wants as her IC setting? After that's done, we'll be ready to bug out of here."

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