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Yet another SWBF3 ideas post... ?

Well, I've read about three of the "What Should Be In SWBF3" threads, trying to figure out where is best to post... but since there's no clear answer and the "Supah Thread" is closed, I'll just post in a new thread and comment on the other ones. *shrug*

First, it seems to me that a lot of the things people are wanting in SWBF3 are things that can be had in SWBF2, either with mods or with settings. Don't like Jedi or Heroes? Change the settings so there aren't any. Want to play Jedi vs Droids in the Geonosis Arena? Download the mod map at Gametoast. Want to ride creatures? Some of the mod maps have them. Want to play on Rhen Var, Dune Sea, etc? Get the Conversion Pack mod maps, and play ALL the BF1 maps, with extras like Hero Assault or Hunt Mode.

When we look at what BF3 should have, I think we need to look at things that can't be gained through adjusting settings and using mod maps.

Some of my SWBF3 thoughts:

1) Better AIs, of course

2) Expanded commands, more like what we had in BF1: Hold your position, Follow me, Move out (Attack)... and maybe a new one, something like "Specialist, get to work!" where you can direct Engineers to dispense health/ammo or repair ships and droids, direct Heavy Weapons units to lay mines, direct Snipers to start giving cover, etc.

3) Interactive environments -- blast walls and doors down with rocket launchers, push crates around, lockable and destructible blast doors, consoles that show area readouts, etc.

4) Expanded Capital Ship interiors -- more like the Tantive IV map, or the Death Star interior. Hallways, blast doors, auto-turrets, maybe even lifts; fight your way to the Life Support, the Engine Room, the Turret Bays, the Command Bridge, whatever. Also new rooms, like the Comm Center, the Short-Range Sensor Control, the Bridge, Turret Bays. Players can toggle between maps of the space battle and maps of their capital ship (as long as their Capital Ship’s short-range sensors are up?). Perhaps an Officer unit might spawn, in addition to the Pilots and the Marines, capable of accessing all of the ship's consoles? And maybe some rooms are capturable by boarding forces?

5) Functional Capital Ship rooms, providing a benefit if functional, penalties if destroyed (or captured?). Examples: a] When Life Support is out, non-Pilot units spawn in at reduced health. b] When Short-Range sensors are active, friendly fighters can see the location of enemy ships on a heads-up display, and can read the condition of frigates and capital ships. c] When more than 50% of the engine rooms are active, the Capital Ship can turn and move to select areas. d] When frigates are intact, they can be directed from the Capital Bridge to change positions. e] When the Comm Relay is destroyed, frigates can’t be moved or replaced, and reinforcements are reduced. f] When the Command Bridge is destroyed, all blast doors cease locking, auto-turrets go dead, and ship movement is impossible. Etc.

6) Vehicles: Air vehicles on ground maps again (such as LAATs, shuttles, maybe some starfighters, etc) – like in BF1. Also, more room in air vehicles and ships in general – 2 or 3 people in an ARC-170, maybe AT-ATs and AT-TE’s and shuttles that you can walk around in (if only a little), and so on.

7) More accessible settings-changes – you shouldn’t have to be running a dedicated server to adjust reinforcements by game type, get spawn invulnerability, etc.

8) More vehicle-weapon splash-damage -- somewhere in between BF1 (where tanks blast dozens of people away just by hitting the ground near them) and BF2 (where you practically have to snipe enemy units with a tank cannon and it still takes five hits to destroy them).

9) Side alterations: a] Stop referring to the 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marines as “Clone Commanders”! Make them the Marines for the Republic in Space Assaults, and for Clone Commanders, use actual Clone Commanders! Modders have already developed Bacara, Bly, Cody, and Gree, and there are skins out there that would work for Neyo, Keller, and Alpha-17. b] Also, give the Magnaguards their magna-staffs, they can function like lightsaber staves but less powerful. c] Bring back the B1 battle-droid, use it as the CIS grunt and make the B2 Super Battledroid tough like a Wookiee. d] Oh, and give some of the Wookiees a Ryyk blade or two!

10) Appearances: a] Make the laser-blasts brighter and more colorful, more like the movies (and like BF1). b] Make the skins fit the maps: Bacara and the 21st Marines on Mygeeto, Gree and the 41st Dogtroopers on Kashyyyk, Bly and the 327th on Felucia, 501st at the Temple on Coruscant, 65th at the Senate on Coruscant, etc. c] Maybe have insignias that are added to your character as you gain rank? Pauldrons and kama for clones and stormtroopers, visors for clones, badges for rebels, line-markings for droids? d] Add capes to the Magnaguards. e] Allow toggling between two skins for each class – male/female, droid/Geonosian, human/Calamari, etc.

11) And finally, they need to make the player profile names EDITABLE! I spent a long time earning Legendary in various categories, attaining the rank of General, and getting the permanent award weapons. How ridiculous is it that if I want to add a clan badge to the name or just change my profile name, I have to start from scratch??? Someone should at least have a hack for this. But then, it should be built into the game so that it's editable. FFS.
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