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Modeling My Second JA Hilt

I have tryed to learn all of this by simply following the tutorial by virtue. I have asked some people here and there for some pointers on what I have done wrong on past attempts and have gotten help.

I'm currently working on a new hilt and its actually giving me a problem that i cant seem to figure out at all. I'm posting this here as this seems like the ideal place to actually get some help with this.

This is my new idea.. Jedi Hilt

My problem is not matter what i do, I cant get the UVW Unwrapping to come out right. I was wondering if anyone be willing to take a look at my hilt and see what i could possibly be doing wrong. I have started to unwrap the main parts, but when it comes to doing the blue, black and button parts, it will not allow me at all. I have the following forms of communication if someone wishes to talk to me on them.

XFIRE - cyborgx429
AIM - prime429
also have a teamspeak server

any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help given.
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