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Originally Posted by tutumannyAQUE
The d.o.d front, such a great idea ! Should have thought of that before! Thanks a lot Du Man. Do you know where I can find a flat pic of this ?
sadly no, I think that would require having the original render files, and I doubt they would keep those things lying around the GF files of the CD. I'd be curous though if you could some how reverse enginer that design with another render program, maybe "read the image," but if it was based on a drawing it might just lose more information. Or if you are really desperate, you could cut the design down the center, and reflect the other half and make a symetrical design, though a little distorted. I'm pretty sure photoshop could let you do that.

Now that you guys encouraged me, here are some more ideas (from the DOD again).

The DOD logo with those vehicles in the background might do.

A really good design would be of one of those reapers on the back wall. I'll try to get a better screenshot latter.

Not many people will get it, but the bony girl might be a fitting design for a tattoo

Just a wordy logo, might not quite do for a tattoo. Who wants a mug slogan on their body?

Another wordy logo, but I like the glowing color scheme

As a note to myself to get a better screenshot, take a closer look at the blue casket's door, there might be some cool designs there.
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