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I agree! I hope it is not like Republic Commando. I like how the first two were. They just need to add more star wars vehicles, starships, planets/locations, troopers, etc. Here is what I want to see:

Vehicles and Starships:
1. B-wing
2. Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttle
3. Naboo N-1 Starfighter
4. Dwarf Spider Droid
5. Octopurra Droid
6. Chameleon Droid
7. Millenium Falcon
8. Slave I
9. Outrider
10. Rideable Dewbacks
11. AT-PT Walker
12. AT-XT Walker
13. Tie Advanced
14. Tie Defender
15. Rideable Aiwha

Cato Nemodia
Boz Piety
Cloud City (Redone)
Dune Sea (Redone)
Jabba's Palace ( Redone so you can fight outside the Palace)
Asteroid Field from Episode V
Death Star II (Space)
Death Star II (Emperor's Throne Room)
Geonosis Arena

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