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"Sorry, can't say that I have," Vae replied apologetically. "I've really only been out and about in the world very recently, so I'm afraid I've not experienced all that much."

Keld was taken aback by the reply. It always pleased him when he crossed foreigners and they recognized him as the dashing pirate who plagued the seas during the Great War.

He shrugged this off and mounted his horse and caught up to the rest of the party. Surprised how easily he rode his mount, all cadets had to learn how to ride and fight from a horse at the academy. Though he still felt quite unaccustomed to the land. Especially how the ground beneath stayed still instead of swaying side to side like the deck of a ship.

The three humans and dwarf he noticed wore one form or another of cubersome armor, something he was not accustomed too as well. Nobody wore armor on the ships, if you went overboard then staying afloat was out of the question. They carried bows, daggers, and swords. Though no sword like the one he carried. It perplexed him how they were able to fight effectively without any pistols.

Keld rode infront of the traveling party, faced them, and took off his hat. Placing it over his heart while bowing. "Good day ya land lovers. Surely you all don't expect me to willingly go on in this quest without getting to know my companions. You all are a bunch of cutthroats for all I know. Anyways...Keld Kaliko, Captain of the Lucky Star and privateer in service of Maria!" He said proudly placing the hat back on his head.

OOC: We haven't really had time to introduce each other. And a fellowship going on a very important and difficult quest, needing to trust and depend on each other should probably know each others names.
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