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"Nightcrawlers are the beasts of the night," Rowan explained, "They live in the shadows and roam the forests searching for young, fresh blood. They prefer maidens but will kill anything with blood. They are like ravenous wolves but mock the humans by becoming their image. You can always tell one apart by their stench and their eyes." Rowan then looked around to make sure there was nothing following them.

"And I am afraid that their alliance with the Temple makes things worse," Darlene interjected. "I heard that the Temple promised a steady supply of blood from the 'unclean.' They will no doubt be after the elves and dwarves."

"There is a sure way to kill them," Rowan finished. "Cut off their heads with a sword dedicated to justice or use the magic fires. For now it is best that we get moving." Making sure that the she elf was secure behind him, he led the way through the forest. Darlene followed close behind.

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