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XBOX 360

Who here owns one?

I bought one about 2 weeks ago...I have Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) 2 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Both games kick ass!!!! Definetely a reason to purchase a 360 if you don't feel like upgrading or buying a whole new computer.

So far my favorite things on the system:

Ability to play music that I have loaded on my i wished so many times on original xbox for me to at least be able to play whatever song/music i wanted while playing without having to resort to crappy computer speaker music...this allows alot more fun, especially playing online and i just gotta have disturbed screaming in the background.

Wireless Controller -took a while getting used to, now i don't know how i could play with the wires limiting my movement....

Using the controller to turn on and off the Xbox 360. -Cause i hate having to go near the tv. lol

Xbox Live -You can chat with your friends while playing the same or different game, as well as recieve invites while you're not on the same game.

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