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Brotherhood of Shadow - Expansion Pack

Closed on Request... new thread here. -RH

I promised I'd get it out before the end of September... and here it is! The Brotherhood of Shadow mod is now complete after months of anticipation by KOTOR fans... and over a year of work for me!

The Mod will be up on KOTORFiles once it has been reviewed and stuff. So when that happens, I'll update this post with a Download link.

Now I'm going to sit back and die of complete and utter exhaustion.

Download mod
Download patch 1.01
Download patch 1.02
Download patch 1.03

Download patch 1.04

Download patch 1.05

Knights of the Old Republic - Brotherhood of Shadow - Expansion Pack

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
NAME: Brotherhood of Shadow - Expansion Pack

The Brotherhood of Shadow is an custom created expansion pack mod for the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. it adds around 4 hours of additional content.

The content is split into 3 main parts;

- The prologue to the main quest "A Favour for a Rodian" , which can be undertaken at any time after your first visit to Dantooine. This can be activated by talking to the Rodian 'Drix Keliwt' in the Korriban Cantina.

- The main quest "The Brotherhood of Shadow", which can only be undertaken after both the prologue quest and the Leviathan is completed. This can be activated by talking to the Bith 'Ponda Htib'a' in the Tatooine Cantina.

- The party member dialogue, and sidequests "The Shadow of Revan". Which can be undertaken through dialogue should you choose to recruit the party member when given the choice during the "The Brotherhood of Shadow" quest.

Upon attending a failed meeting with one of the most ruthless Exchange members - on behalf of a band of smugglers, you are asked take part in a journey on a trader ship named the ‘Orion’ to oversee and to safeguard a mysterious and powerful cargo from falling into this Exchange members hands. Little do you know, that this journey presents more then meets the eyes...

- 4 hours of new and compelling content. Added as an expansion pack to the original KOTOR.

- Interesting and compelling characters, brought to life via original high quality reskins.

- Countless New robes and armour available for the player. Such as the Armlet of Fiends, that allows you to summon creatures to aid you in battle.

- A selection of different areas to explore and experience storytelling in, based upon existing modules, logically connected together.

- Choose how you play through the quests, choices available for both Light and Darksiders.

- Learn about your characters past, and play the through pivotal moments that KOTOR defined history. Including the Jedi's assault upon Darth Revan, and Revan's call to arms within the Jedi against the Mandalorian threat.

- A deep and detailed gameplay experience that matches the quality of the main games plot.

- On your journey, battle traders, criminals, ancient entities of Sith nature, your past, and yourself.

- Recruit a entirely new party member. A mysterious figure from your past, known only as Matilda.

- Fight alongside friends from your past. Included Jedi Malak.

New Items Checklist
- Arkanian utility belt
- Daemon Drexel's Mask
- Exchange Battle Armour
- Czerka Muscle Suit
- Mandalorian Scout Armor
- Mandalorian Wars Robe (Yellow)
- Mandalorian Wars Robe (Red)
- Mandalorian Wars Robe (Brown)
- Mandalorian Wars Robe (Blue)
- Mandalorian Wars Robe (Black)
- Armlet of Fiends
- Jedi Crusaders Robe
- Jedi Seer Robe
- Darth Revans Robes
- Darth Revans Mask
- Matilda's clothes

Brotherhood of Shadow FAQ
Q - Is this a storyline replacement mod?
A - No, the Brotherhood of Shadow is integrated into the game as an optional quest in a similar style to the other quests in the game.

Q - How do I get the new items?
A - All of the new items are attainable via a Brotherhood of Shadow Mod quest. So either through the prologue, the main quest, or the party member content.

Q - Does the new party member replace anybody, if so who?
A - The main part of the Brotherhood of Shadow quest can only be done after the Leviathan. And because of this due to main plot developments, the Bastila party member slot is free. The new party member uses the slot, and so does not override anybody.

Q - Does the new Party Member have dialogue?
A - The new Party member has at least the same amount of dialogue as the other default KOTOR characters, if not more.

Q - Does the new Party Member have a sidequest?
A - The Party Member has a sidequest in the form of flashbacks. The sidequest for the new party member is roughly about twice the size as the default side quests for other characters.

Q - How big is the Brotherhood of Shadow mod, how long will it take me to complete it?
A - The Brotherhood of Shadow mod consists of 3 quests. During the testing phase of the project, where I played through from start to finish casually as would a player, it took me 4 hours to fully complete.

Q - What is the difficulty of Brotherhood of Shadow?
A - The difficulty is similar to the rest of the game. Not too hard, not too easy.

Q - What is the Armlet of Fiends?
A - The Armlet of Fiends is an Armband item included in Brotherhood of Shadow that allows you to summon monsters to aid you in battle. These monsters will follow you around and fight who you fight, but will not follow you into another area. The monsters leave you, when they die or when you dismiss them through dialogue.

How to Install This Mod
- Run the Install File.
- To install the save, should you wish to test the content straight away. Move the contents of the "save" folder, into the corresponding folder in the swkotor directory.

Special Thanks
- Thanks to those who took the time and effort to create the tools required to mod KOTOR. Without those, none of this would have been possible.
- Thanks to Holowan Labs for all the help and support through the development process. Specifically stoffe, who was always there to offer a development saving script... :P

Additional Notes
- A save game has been included for the benefit of the player to allow them to experience the new content without having to start a whole new game. Although starting a new game is recommended, to avoid any bugs.

- The entire collection of source scripts for the mod has been included in the package, for the benefits of KOTOR modders. (600+ Scripts)

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