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“Perhaps the man who speaks such insults should take a hard look in the mirror. Yes I have heard of you, the man who chose to attack supply ships rather than those made for war, slaughtering civilians and pillaging whatever you came across. If you wish to know me Know I am a Legionnaire loyal and honourable, Son of the Kamir the great explorer of the lands friend to many kings of all Seven Kingdoms. From you I expect nothing, willingly come or turn back and return to your pirate ship.”

Keld grinned, a stern military man idead. "I'm a privateer and the Lucky Star is no mere pirate ship. A man has got to make a living somehow, and buccaneering is quite lucrative. Especially with permission from the King of Maria. Legionnaire, it's good to know you." He said knowing full well that he might as well be a pirate. But a war is war, why not make some money from it however you can.

“I be Whitevine the Dragon Lord, I have not heard of you as my people have little use for the seas.” The dragon Lord informed. “What else would you know of me?”

"Here and there, not much information of the outside world gets to you while at sea. Much respect for the dwarves, but they ought to come out of their caves sometime and smell the fresh air."

"In case you are bothered to know about me, pirate, I am the Valkyrie whom lives among the Marians. I am Tylon Sayge, Shadow Knight of Maria, at your service." he replied, in a rather sarcastic tone.

"It's privateer, but nice to see another person carrying pistols. You know I was a candidate to be Shadow Knight. They said I lacked discipline though. No matter, that was a path I'm glad I did not take."

"And I am Curudir, Son of Curadan, Champion of Kavrar. I may not be leader of this fellowship, but I know Stathorn well, so I advise you, stay on his good side."

"Might be a problem. The man seems a bit too serious. Pleasure to meet you though." Keld looked over the heavily armored soldier. Realizing that he was probably the least serious person in this whole group.

"This is Nema.You all seem to have strong horses.Very good. Treat them right and they do the same.Treat them wrong and you will have to deal with me."

Keld laughed at this. "I'll keep that in mind miss." Indeed he would. Reminding himself to kick a horse in her presence sometime just to see how fiery she would get. It might be amusing, or he might end up dead. Keld scratched the thought from his head as soon as it entered.

Keld decided that nobody was really in the mood for talk at the moment and drifted to the outside of the traveling group. There was always his pipe to keep him company so he lit it up and took a couple puffs. Gazing straight ahead as he rode.

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