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SWBF3 Space

Since they've added Space into the Battlefront Series for SWBF2, I'd like to see some better Space maps. There was mention of expanded capital ship interiors. I like this idea.. it would be nice to have have a "Tantive IV"-like interirior with a space battle going on outside.

I'd also like to see a good Space DeathStar map. One where you have the rebels attacking the DeathStar, and the imps defending it in a space format. You could take out targets on the surface of the DeathStar, and you could enter the trenches... there could even be a DeathStar interior map, with CP's while the space battle was going on outside. I like the idea of integrating two modes.. (IE: space and conquest)

I wouldn't change a thing with the flight controls. I would drop the remote rocket though (what a waste). The homing missiles for the Imp and CIS shuttles need to be toned down a bit too. Ripe territory for shuttle noobs those things are. I'd also make ALL units available in space. Not just the pilot and marine.

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