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TSLPatcher v1.2.10b1 - bugfix version uploaded

I've uploaded TSLPatcher v1.2.10b1 and ChangeEdit v1.0.5b1 to correct a problem I just noticed, download link is in the first post in this thread as usual.

These updates fixes a bug/oversight with ExoString fields and ExoLocString field substrings containing linefeeds or carriage return characters when patching GFF format files. Earlier the INI file would get messed up and only the text before the first LF/CR would be added to the GFF files. Now all the text should be properly added even with multiple paragraphs.

INI config files already broken by this bug (*nudge* Brotherhood of Shadow mod *nudge*) can be fixed manually with a text editor by removing the newlines so all the text in following a lang# key is on the same line in the INI file, and then insert <#LF#> where the newlines should be. (Make sure you turn off word/line wrapping in the text editor first) E.g this...

lang0=The quick brown fox

jumps over the lazy dog!

...would have to be changed to look like this:

lang0=The quick brown fox<#LF#><#LF#>jumps over the lazy dog!

...which would end up like this in the GFF substring after patching the file:

The quick brown fox

jumps over the lazy dog

If you don't do this fix, the text in the GFF substring after patching would just be:

The quick brown fox

Note: This only applies to changes.ini files that have already been broken due to this bug. ChangeEdit has been updated to handle this automatically when creating new files, or creating new GFF file modifiers in an existing one.


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