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Considering the way TSL ended up, if KotOR III fails to follow up on it, I'd hesitate to call it KotOR III. It would be a terrible disappointment to just abandon where TSL finished up.

Ask yourself what would be more satisfying; actually seeing and playing in "the great war that comes", finding out what happens to Revan, the Exile, the True Sith fiasco and so on in a fast paced, compelling, twist turning video game, or just hearing about it in some lame, half assed history conversation with a Jedi Master many years down the track?

TSL is just crying out for a follow up to it. Hell, just take a look at heaps of the UR threads on this forum and see how many of them don't mention Revan, the Exile, the True Sith etc in them. I know what'd I prefer, and I'm almost 100% certain the majority of the KotOR fan base agrees with me.

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