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The sun shone brightly on the world of Commenor, the breeze was gentle and there were no clouds to be seen in the sky, it was a good day.
Meditating under a tree, Jedi Knight Marko Nastos enjoyed his free time concentrating on the Force, letting his mind flow free from his body and listening to the galaxy's ripple of life. After some order had been restore to the republic, the Jedi had flourished again under the New Jedi Council, compose from both Master Revan and the Jedi exile's Jedi companions. Markos himself had been given a role on the New Order: to seek potential Jedi from some force sensitive new born in his homeworld.

In his free time he took the time to meditate or simply relax, he read some old books or watched holonews. He had found 3 potential candidates that could be accepted as Jedi, but the hardest part was going to convince their parent to-

There was a sudden disturbance in the Force, something like an echo, coming from a far away place. Marko tried to listen to it, but the flow was weak, and then he sensed a familiar presence: it was Revan, the Jedi who had saved him from certain death, but he had died, he had heard Revan died, but if this presence was him....

He took out his comlink, set it to frequency 841 and tried to communicate with the other Jedi, "This is Jedi Knight Markos Nastos calling all Jedi Masters, a faint but yet powerful disturbance has occurred in the Force. I believe is from Revan, who was though dead. I'm returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, I request an audience with you there. Markos signing off."

As soon as he had finished transmitting, he went to the nearest spaceport to recover his personal ship and was en route to Coruscant, hoping the Masters had some kind answers to his ever growing list of questions.

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