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Originally Posted by Silveredge9
I've fixed the journal bug, but I'm still confused on how to fix the spells.2DA thing... :/
You can do that roughly like this:
  1. Open the 2DA files panel for spells.2da and doubleclick your AddLine modifier to edit it. At the end of the list of column modifiers, add a 2DAMEMORY1 column key and set the value to RowIndex, like in the screenshot below:

    This will store the line number your new row gets inserted as in the 2DAMEMORY1 token, so it can be accessed later. (You should also set the Exclusive column box to label as shown above. This will help avoid duplicate entries being added to spells.2da if someone runs the installer more than once.)

  2. Next, expand the GFF Files section and pick Add GFF File in the Modifiers menu. Type in monster_band.uti in the filename box. In the "Modify field value" section type in PropertiesList\0\Subtype in the GFF Field box, and 2DAMEMORY1 in the value box and press the red up arrow button, like in the screenshot below:

    This will insert the line number of your addition to spells.2da (which you stored above) into the Subtype field of the "Activate item" property of your armband, which should point to the spells.2da line to use.

    (You can use the folder icon to the right of the GFF Field box to load all the GFF field labels from your monster_band.uti file into the dropdown menu to help avoid typos.)

  3. Finally, expand the Install files section, find and select monster_band.uti in the file list and press the Trash can icon above the list to remove it. Since it's being installed via the GFF Files section it shouldn't be listed here as well.

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