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We only know about a few Jedi left at the end of K2 Atris was a Master and Bastila by the time of TSL, she would probably be a knight on her way to masterhood, Zez-Kai Ell said some Jedi just left, Atton says some switched off their lightsabers years ago, and even with the death of the Masters she isn't sure if they're all gone. They said there were 100 jedi left after the Jedi civil war and then even that number began to deminish and I doubt that the only ones that remained were in the game. If they make a K3 they would have or most likely have to abandon the idea of only taking young children as learners because the Jedi are trying to rebuilld their ranks so as of right now the age thing most likely has to be thrown away for a time. And it never says what's happened to Jolee, Juhani, Juhani's Master Qatra, or Beleya etc.(Even Vandar; even though Vrook says it before he dies he says Zhar and Dorak then he Zhar and Vandar so I would assume he's clueless partially because I don't like Vrook)

I would like to be part of the great war that is to come, and fight the big red true sith dudes(although I read on the Lucas Forums that someone on said that Chris Avellone could see the series finishing at a Fourth) which I could see, maybe the big war and new characters, a new main pc and then the fourth can be getting some lost artifacts with some mystery envolved or something
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