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Latch chuckled again at his friend. This wasn't the first time Jyot had run into an old flame and gotten burned and he was pretty sure it wouldn't be the last. It was more amusing this time around, since Jyot and Ali would be in close proximity and would more than likely be forced to work with each other. Latch wondered how long it would take for Ali to deliver another beatdown on the womanizing engineer. "Alec's put you in a real pickle, hasn't he?" Latch remarked as Jyot was heading out.

"Tell me about it," the blonde Corellian muttered as he made his way down the corridor.

Latch shook his head, then jogged down the opposite corridor towards the front of the ship, making a beeline for the cockpit. Ali was in there, fiddling with the controls, adjusting them to her liking. Latch plopped himself down into the co-pilot seat and swiveled to face her. "I think we might've gotten off on the wrong foot," he told her, putting his hand out. "I'm Lachlan Vax, but call me 'Latch'."
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