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((OCC- OK as we don’t want to do the whole journey as it’ll drag on I’m going to skip us forward a few hours. I’veput all owr characters around the dinner table as they are having a meal, hope no one minds.))

Alec sat in the common room with his crew around the dinner table, Stitcher had made the meal and served it up few minuets ago. The group were enjoying the food that had been bought on Nar Shaddaa as the crew had been on basic Rations for he past couple of weeks due to the cash flow problem.

Some how the conversation got cantered around Alec telling old stories about past bounties and some of Jyot’s more embarrassing moments with female crewmembers. He poured himself another glass of Corellian ale from the large bottle that kept getting passed around the table.

Alec was telling the story of his first Job of captain of the ship just after he employed Jyot, they had been hired to find a Twi’lek and bring him to Nar Shaddaa. The finding part on the job wasn’t difficult, it was the transportation as the Twi’lek weighed a colossal 400 stone.

“It took me, Jyot and for other guys to get him in the ship….” Alec told taking another sip of his drink. “…and that was just one of his Lekku.”
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