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Originally Posted by Shadow51689
A little confused about the journal entry thing.

Your fixed journal is about 8kb smaller than the global.jrl that the mod installed into my override (no other mods currently). Should I just go ahead and use the new one?
In the release package, the global.jrl is already the edited one, so when you install the mod, it pretty much makes 2 versions of the entries. Which is an error on my part.

Whilst in the "fixed journal" I supplied earlier, their is only 1 copy of the entries, which means the fixed version is a lower file size.

But the patch I've released fixes that problem and some others...

The patch isn't on KOTORfiles as of yet. So I've uploaded it to rapidshare as a temporary way for those who wish to play the mod now with fully fixed journal entries.

Patch 1.01
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