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Originally Posted by Silveredge9
I'm assuming you loaded the save game that was supplied with the mod? Anyways, the TJ NPC your referring too has NOTHING to do with the mod itself, and is just something left over from an old test that is still appearing in that particular save game. To start the mod, talk to the NPC Drix Keliwt on Korriban, as stated in the read-me.

There might be bugs occurring within the supplied save game, as it's an older save. It was only included in the package to allow you to quickly check the mod out. I recommend starting the game from the beginning, or at least referring to a save from Taris or Dantooine if you plan to play the mod though a genuine playthrough.
Yes, it's with the supplied save. I recently finished a game of Kotor, and ain't really hooked on starting a completely new game...

I thought this TJ person was Keliwt's associate I was to seek out, I suppose I'll have to go look for someone else then.
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