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The ravaged starfighter descended now, the man within clutching the controls with his injured hands. As a planet's features came into view, the man gained some hope. That was rare for him, though it used to be the only thing that kept him going. As the ship started to go faster, being pulled into the planet's atmosphere, trees came into view. He engaged the landing gear, knowing that it wouldn't help much in his fighter's condition.

It's hard to believe I could take out Basilisk war droids in this thing, at one point.

That was a long time ago. That was before his fall.

The scorching metal of the hull touched down onto some trees, and then it finally scraped against a forest floor and spun for a few seconds before it slowly stopped. The man, once known as Revan, rested his head on the back of his seat. Suddenly, something that amazed him happened. The hollow wound in his Force connection was filled somewhat, and he had some energy. Perhaps it was the natural flow of Force on this unknown world. Whatever it was, he found the strength to open the cockpit and slip outside, onto the planet surface below.

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