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Originally Posted by -BLaCKouT-
Right mate,
first off, you can get the 1.04 patch for FREE from here;;3825

That said, I'm not sure if your release will already be pre-patched. If it is, it'll tell you when you try to install the above.

Next up,
We've had a few queries about multi-player on the best-of version, and I can't seem to find a thread with an answer in it. To go round the long way;

Open My Computer and go to;
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData

There should be a file in there called jk2mp.exe
This is the executable for multi-player. If it's there, right-click it and select Copy, then right-click on your desktop and select Paste Shortcut. Opening that will take you straight into multi-player.
Oh, and you'll probably get an 'Incorrect Disc' error with the best-of version. I believe it's the KoTOR disc you need to insert to play JO-Multi.

If the jk2mp.exe file ISN'T there... let us know, we'll look into it a bit more. Well, let us know either way, eh?

I can't install the patches, i try to run them but then i get the message: STJKJO not found. or something like that. and the MP file wont run...
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