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Revan heard the last transmission and smiled. "That's Bastila alright." he said in a quiet voice. His thoughts were then interrupted by an abrupt crashing sound in the distance, in the trees. It was following by a monstrous roar, which echoed through the barrier of trees. Revan reached for his utility belt, where his dented and scratched lightsaber hung. It was battle-damaged from his time spent battling Malak's forces and his treacherous dive into the Unknown Regions, but it was as reliable as the day he built it in the enclave on Dantooine.

The field of trees he was staring at was ripped apart by an enormous creature. It had rough, armored skin that was gray like the crashed war machines on Malachor, with dark red eyes that had an almost evil look.

Revan flipped the emitter side of his lightsaber upwards, and a green blade shot up from it.

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