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((OOC: a lot of trees huh?))

As Marko walked to the Council chamber, he noticed more padawans an learners in the hall. This is starting to look like a nursery, we are going to need more teachers to keep up with the training, I do hope i don't get that job ( )

But all in all, new faces meant new Jedi to maintain the peace. As he continued to walk, he noticed that many of the padawans were staring at him. Marko was about to ask what was wrong when he remembered that he was still wearing his odd robe, which had no hood and went up to his nose, covering his mouth and neck. He decided that kids would be kids and continued on, but as he did, Markos could hear some padawans gossiping:

"Perhaps he's embarrassed by his looks, I bet he looks like a Ronto's butt"
"Maybe he has a mole or something"

Something in Marko snapped. Ronto's butt, heh? I'll show them!! I'll use Force Mind control to then suddenly he realized that he himself was acting like a child. I have a better idea

He went over to them, and they immediately looked at him with funny faces. "I could not help but hear your comments little ones, are you curious of what I have under my robe?"

They nodded a yes.

"Well" he immediately went into scary face mode "I have a big mouth with razor sharp teeth that I use to eat people that make fun of me, wanna see??"

The children screamed in fear and went running in search for their Master. Marko got a little chuckle out of it. "For some reason I feel a little dark" he said, but just kept walking until he saw a familiar face.

"Master Shan" he said as he slightly bowed in respect. "I'm glad you could make it. Is there anybody else coming?"

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