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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Uh. That what prompted the topic to begin with.
Originally Posted by SilentScope001
As I am a member of both the Republicans and the Democrats, I am not too eager to condemn either side.
I am sorry you misinterpreted my comments. I was not condemning the Republicans. They are supposed to keep their party in office. I am condemning everyone Republican, Democrat or Independent that what to manipulate the election process and take the power away from the people.
Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
If they don't dump the electoral college, the best way to make it more fair is to divide the percentage of electoral votes in the closest way to the percentage of popular vote in that state. I. e., if candidate A wins 60% of the vote and candidate B gets 40% in the popular vote, they should get the equivalent percentage in electoral votes in that state.
It is only fair if you do it with both Blue and Red states. I would actually agree to this if you did it with every state. The problem is as SilentScope001 wrote; both parties only want to do certain states that usually go for the other party.

If the democrats divide South Carolina’s 8 electoral votes and the Republican divides California’s 55 electoral votes, to me it looks like an unfair advantage for the Republicans. I guess they enjoy the government choosing the president over the people.

The more I look at this SilentScope001 the better the Electoral College looks. With the division between the two parties, I cannot see any way a compressive change is possible that would guarantee a fair and free election. So you have converted me into a believer at least until the political hatred felt in this country ends.

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