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If it wasn't for the fact that the technology was questionable and it's not fully deployed everywhere in the country, I would quickly run up and abolish the Electoral College. Of course, I still think we should, however, we need to more fully develop our replacement for it before doing so.

I think that we should abolish the Electoral College, I'm just not so certian we have a new system, that is, a new, fully functional system that could easily step in to take it's place. I'm more concerned with election rigging through electronic voting machines than I am worried about the Electoral college.

Most states already have laws requiring those who place the electoral votes to do so based on either the winning candidate of their state, or between the biggest majorities, under threat of losing their jobs and being replaced by somebody who will.

While of course, the answer to a replacement system is the "popular vote", I refer to an actual system for counting and ensuring that those votes were accurate.

The big catch about Colorado vs California, is that Colorado is about 50/50 democrats and republicans. California on the other hand is like 75/25 with democrats holding the majority.

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