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((OOC:Sure! But you will be meeting my friend too))

Marko was thinking about what he had done to the little ones. I hope I don't get a scolding from their Master, it would be bad for my record

As his mind was thinking what to do next, he noticed a fellow Jedi approaching him, he did not need to look, because he already knew who it was.

"There you are!" said Melissa Grandar, a fellow Jedi Knight and one of Marko's best friend. "Can you imagine what you have done? The younglings are scared and crying like theres no tomorrow!"

For some kind of reason, Melissa always acted like Marko's big sister. "It was an innocent joke!" he said in his defense "Besides they said that I looked like a Ronto's bu--"

Melissa slapped Marko's head, "THEY ARE CHILDREN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!" she said, with a little hint of frustration. Marko always ended up doing something either dumb or stupid, but he still was her friend no matter what. "You better go to the training wing later and talk to them and their Master, ok?"

"You got it" Marko replied, glad that he got of easy. "Are you here for the meeting too?" he finally said

"Yeah, but first I'm going to the mess hall to get some breakfast, wanna come?" she offered

"In a few minutes, I'm waiting for Master Shan. You just go ahead, I'll be there"

"You better be, don't be too late" she warned and leaved

As his loud mouthed friend was gone, Marko stood outside the Council Chambers, waiting for the other Masters to show up, when a Jedi approached him and introduced herself. Is she here for the meeting too? But she looks like a kid! She must be a new Jedi Knight then

"I'm Jedi Knight Marko Nastos, at your service" he said with a polite bow. "Are you waiting for somebody too?"

[[Nastos is kinda confused because Skywalker's character looks like a teenager and not a Knight]]

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