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((I'll take a Nightcrawler. He will report to the temple so we can have some bad guys here))

Human blood. The richest source of life guaranteed to make one run rabid until he has it. Being a Nightcrawler meant that you were damned to an existence hiding by day and hunting by night. You were damned to drink the blood of innocents. You were just plain damned for eternity. For Saimhain, eternity was all the time in the world. Over four hundred years old, he was a creature of the night. Oh it wasn't always like this however.
Once he was a mortal, an elf actually.Then his sire came and seduced him, made him what he was. He took the name Saimhain meaning fall's end and never looked back. He revelled in the dark power he had and enjoyed using it against the puny mortals. There was one however that he wanted the most.
He met the elf warrior once in the night and fought him. The Elf gave him a nice gift before he retreated battered and bloody but alive. It enraged Saimhain that the Elf lived and spent his days looking for him. Then the Temple officials summoned him, at night of course. It appeared that though unclean as he and his kind were, they were willing to make a deal. He took it but had no intention of letting the Temple dictate to him. It gave him freedom to hunt the Elf. Tonight he got lucky. He saw the Elf he was searching for with two humans and a she-elf. What piqued his interest was that one of the humans was from the Temple.
He signaled to his band to move closer. He wanted the elf to feel him close in. He unsheathed a sword that he had carried for forty years since that day and moved in.

Rowan had no doubt that Curudir spotted the Nightcrawlers. Nightcrawlers never showed themselves however unless they were up to something. Rowan stopped Elendir and turned to face the direction they had come. He replied to the knight, "I have no doubts you spotted them but I sense that there is something more."

Darlene trusted Rowan and laid a hand on the short sword that she carried. She also had a special weapon that she carried at all times with her. It was one that would drive them away. She said nothing but looked around.

Rowan passed a sword to the she elf behind him and looked around. His scanning was pointless for the Nightcrawler came into view, laughing.

Saimhain said, "Well isn't this a surprise? I come hunting for an Elf and I get two and two mortals." He looked at the priestess and said, "My lady you are a long way from the Temple. Perhaps we should 'escort' you back."
Before Rowan could say anything in retort, Saimhain bit out, "Stay your words Aldstar. They won't save you here. I have never thanked you properly for the gift you gave me the last time we met." He then spoke to the knight, "You knight must have trust right? How can you put your trust in a creature who let his enemy go?"

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