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Saimhain laughed, "You are brave sir Knight and some would say foolish." He turned his gaze back to Rowan, "What say you Elf? Can I thank you for the 'gift' you gave me?" He opened his palm to reveal a symbol of one of the ancient goddesses. It was burned into his palm forever condemning him.

Rowan narrowed his eyes. He remembered that fight as well and bore the bite of Saimhain on his neck. He replied, "Leave Saimhain or..."
"Or what? You'll kill me?" Saimhain looked at him in disbelief. "The last time you said that you left me alive. You have me at your mercy and in a fit of weakness you let me live."
"You are marked creature of the night," Rowan replied hiding his reaction to the sting of the words. "You are damned by the gods and by your people."
"Such sweet things you say," Saimhain replied in mock hurt. He held up his sword and looked at it. He saw Rowan look at it. He asked, "Recognize this? I would think so. It belonged to you if I remember correctly. Appropriate don't you think that I now use it to end you."
"I'll never fear the sword that was my training blade," Rowan replied.
"Really?" Samhain smiled, "I wonder how it would feel if I use it to run your priestess through. She is a traitor anyway and the High Priest of the Temple would love her head on a platter."
Rowan dismounted and started to advance to Saimhain, "You will not touch her!"
Saimhain was too quick and sent Rowan flying hard into a tree trunk, "You still think to challenge me Elf?!" He looked at the she-elf still on the horse and said, "And what of you she-elf? I can give you the vengeance you seek. All you have to do is join with me. The Temple has no power over you."

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