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As Revan darted towards the beast before him, raising his saber into his favored lightsaber form, Form V, he leaped up to the beast's head. With a powerful stroke, he slashed down onto its head. It scraped through its face, but not enough to take off its head. When Revan landed on the ground, he proceeded to spin around for another swing at the monster's legs, but his action was interrupted by another thought.

It was Bastila, but this time, he could hear her clearly. Her usually soft and relaxing voice was aggressive now, making an insulting remark about the exile. Bastila, it's been so long since I heard your voice... It feels cleansing. he replied, dodging an attack from the creature. He swung his lightsaber around, cutting through its legs. The creature collapsed, but continued to bite at the Jedi. And no, the exile isn't with me now. I don't know why you're so bitter towards her, though. Did she ever do anything to you?

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