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Marko studied the girl in front of him. He felt a ripple of sadness, maybe she lost something or somebody precious to her? He wanted to console her, but he stopped himself from doing so, she must learn to make peace with it on her own.

He remembered the Mandalorian War, the loss of his comrades was hard on him, but he had learned to cope with it and move on, but something inside him wasn't the same afterwards...

"So you're new to the field huh? I hope you have good skills with a lightsaber, because if what I'm thinking about happens, you are going to need it" said Marko, trying to change the subject, when suddenly he could hear a heavy set of footsteps approaching him. He was prepared for what was aboout to happen.

"Marko! didn't I tell you not to keep me waiting? it has been nearly half an hour, just comeeat and then ask Master Shan you--" Melissa stopped mid sentence, noticing for the first time the red haired Jedi.

I don't believe you have met my friend Trina. Allow me to introduce Melissa Grandar, the loudest and most annoying Jedi Knight in the galaxy" at the end of the sentence, Melissa casualy stepped hard on Marko's foot

"Nice to meet you" she casually said, while Marko tried not to unleash his Hutt vocabulary at her (curses)

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