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It will come, but I do not think it is on the table just yet..

They have said that they haven't forgotten about the Knights of the Old Republic series, Republic Commando series and the Battlefront series(coming one out to PSP soon)

Currently most of their development is going into their new system DMM and Europhia for The Force Unleashed, Indiana Jones and Fracture. If they do make one, I think they are going to break away from the mold we have now, and try to add the DMM/Europhia to the game... which means it'll probably be a inhouse project and probably only for a 360/PS3 since I doubt a PC can handle it at the moment(well casual PC's anyways and i'd rather play it on a PC than a console)

My guess is that after the force unleashed game is out(spring 2008) we are either going to see a couple of new star wars titles:

Highest chance of new Star Wars game

1) Battlefront series (very popular game, but very simple too)
2) Jedi Knight series (probably one of LucasArts longest and best selling games todate)
3) Republic Commando series (ranked so high because it has been so long since this was released, and people have waited longer... that and another book is out this fall based on these)
4) Knights of the Old Republic series (would really like a Knights 3! and even a 4 and 5. But a very expensive type of game to make due to large storylines, loads of voice actors and work hours)
5) All new Star Wars game series (LucasArts is always on the edge of new developments, and the Star Wars galaxies is so huge that there is always a new story to be told)
6) Empire at War series (the last expansion sucked, was buggy and probably did more harm than good)

Lowest chance of a new Star Wars game

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