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Originally Posted by Char Ell
If games like LEGO Star Wars and Battlefront sell better than KotOR then it seems logical for LA to continue making those games to maximize profit. And from all accounts I've read both of those franchises sold more units than the KotOR franchise.
You're probably right, but LA's premise escapes me. It's as if the company presumes all Star Wars games will sell to the same audience simply because they are Star Wars games. To me that is a misconception, because I need look no further than myself to see the theory disproven. I'm attracted to CRPGs and few other games. Granted, I do own Battlefront, but only after the pricetag fell after the release of Battlefront 2. I don't own Battlefront 2, and I'm not going to unless I stumble across it in the cheapos pile. And I'm not even going to go looking for it there, either.

Not so with KotOR3, which I'm seriously going to consider buying at the full price tag when it comes out.

I have none of the LEGO Star Wars games, and I'm not going to either. I don't play kids' games on my computer. Don't get me wrong - that's no bash against Legos. I like Legos, but they just aren't Star Wars to me, and so I'm not going anywhere near any game that combines the two.

So basically LA is making very little or no money from me as long as they continue this policy, because I won't be interested in the games they publish.

Battlefront, KotOR and LEGO Star Wars may all be Star Wars games, but to assume that they will all appeal to the same audience for that reason alone is a pretty far leap IMHO.

Originally Posted by Char Ell
IMO it's a mixed bag. On the one hand I think SW gaming fans want LA to release high-quality games, not shortchanged ones like KotOR II: TSL. So if LA needs to make fewer SW games so they can focus on quality instead of quantity then that is a good thing. As you point out however the unfortunate tradeoff is some games won't get made.
While that sounds plausible, you seem to me to presume something that I don't think is the case, namely that LA can only develop so many games at a given time. But since LA develop few of those games themselves, that does not seem to me to be the case. LA usually hires others to make the games for them, so development time really isn't an issue, I think, as there are certainly enough developers around.

It's true that there is a chance of oversaturating the market if too many Star Wars games are published, but the "only two Star Wars games per year" philosophy just seems flawed given that the games don't all target the same audience. If they did, we would not hang around here wondering about when or if KotOR3 is coming out - we'd be playing the newest Star Wars games and discussing them on the relevant forums. I know that I do neither, and I doubt I'm the only one.

So while LA might make more money on LEGO Star Wars and Battlefront than from KotOR - and I don't know if that's the case or not - they are cheating themselves out of the money they could make from people like me, because we're not going to buy the games they publish.

That being the case, the only valid consideration for whether KotOR3 should be made or not (assuming that a suitable and compelling plot exists or can be written) is really whether LA would make a profit on it, not whether Battlefront 3 or LEGO-whatever would make more money. Profit is still profit. Even if you make less of it from KotOR3 than you do from Battlefront 3, you're still making more $$ altogether.

Instead LA is now losing people like me from their potential audience - and therefore losing potential profit - because I'll be going elsewhere with my money. Heck, LA doesn't even need to look for a developer, seeing as how Obsidian is actively pushing for a KotOR3.

This is really a no-brainer, LA. What's the hold-up?

My prediction: Yes, KotOR3 will come. But we're all better off presuming that it won't, because it could be a long wait indeed. Hope for the best, but always expect the worst...

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