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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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It had been less than a few hours since the group left the city for their noble journey to the dark lands. All had been quiet as they followed the old little used path that would lead to the Ruins of Harrison. Stathorn led the fellowship of Men, Elf, Dwarf and Valkyrie silently keeping an ever-watchful eye open at the road ahead of them.

Suddenly Stathorn stopped his horse and raised his hand to the rest of the group so they would do the same. The legionnaire sniffed at the air like a predator hunting its prey, a most foul stench was in the air coming from up wind, the smell off rotting flesh and death. He turned his ear upwind and started to hear the sound of large animals charging but with it the clashing of armour,

With his eyes widened Stathorn in realisation he took out his sword. “Prepare yourselves!”

Over the small hill in the the not too far distance his realisations became solid when he saw the figure of a man come into view, a large man with horns, a Minataur. He was soon joined by a smaller figure wearing armour, this one was a Goro, half man half gorilla.

Behind these too figures more figures could be seen both that of Minataurs and Goro, 30 of each holding their axes or swords high and rattling them in a cry for war. The Beast captains then raised their weapons and growled before lowering their weapons to point at the fellowship.

The beast men charged as fast as the could toward the mounted group which caused to Stathorn to sheath his sword and take out his bow with and arrow. Taking a brief moment to aim he launched a single arrow to a rapidly closing Goro and pieced the space at their neck between his helmet and chest plate. The Goro fell to the floor not quite dead, but that wasn’t to last long as he suffocated trying to remove the arrow.

Stathorn took his sword out again and raised it high. “For the Gods!”

With that Stathorn and Seban began their charge o horse and dragon alike, the dwarf raising his hammer over his head while holding Lighhammers reigns in the other. It wasn’t long until the dwarf got to do what he was good at as they clashed with the Soldiers of Abtai, One quick swing of his hammer and it virtually crushed the skull of a Goro.

((OCC- ok peeps go nuts and start your killing frenzy, I’m not to bothered about how many get killed or how you do it but when it’s logical to finish the fight I will end it and move on.))
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