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Jyot absently rubbed his shoulder. "Yeah, I still remember that bounty.... You know, I had to construct a hydraulic sling out of towels, bedsheets, and use part of a speeder motor to lift that Twi'lek slug into a makeshift holding cell, which, incidentally, took up nearly half the cargo bay."

He frowned slightly, as he thought about their next job. "Suppose that's a good thing about our next quarry," he said. "Jedi are not usually overweight."

"No, they're extremely fit," Ali commented dryly. "And that's why they are so difficult to find and bring in."

Jyot flashed his ex a quick but wry grin. "Thanks for pointing that out, Ali. I would have never guessed that."

"Just trying to remind you of the dangers," Ali said, as she took a sip of her ale. "You're so reckless sometimes."

"Me?" Jyot said incredulously. "Reckless? Hey, need I remind you that I'm not the one who went and played 'Dodgem' in a band of meteors with her test ship and then tried to land with only half a forward stabliser?"

Ali stared at him. "I landed it though, didn't I?"

"That's not the point."

"That's entirely the point. Reckless is when you ignore the risks and consequences. Daring is when you know the risks and know how to deal with the consequences."

"Oh, so you're 'daring', and I'm 'reckless'?" He gave Ali a doubtful look, then turned to the rest of the crew. "Do you guys think I'm 'reckless'?"

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