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Originally Posted by BigMike322
That's a very good thought. To me Darth Traya sounds like a female name. Bastila comes to mind.
Classically, sure. However, names ending in -a or -ia are not female by definition. Take Attila the Hun, for example. I suppose it's assumed, because -a is the classic suffix for nouns in the female gender in latin, where the male counterpart is -us (and -um for neuter), but even in latin there are several words that take the male gender even if they end in -a, such as agricola (peasant) or nauta (sailor). Probably many more examples that I can't think of right now...

Originally Posted by BigMike322
But I really like what you said. Kreia said that you need Darth Traya's. Maybe lightsided Revan suposedly joins the true Sith only to intentionally betray them in the end and defeat them. This could work to for the darksided Revan and it would be a legitimate betrayal, where as the lightsided Revan would just be a spy.
Exactly, and I tend to think so since it solves another problem for the game, which is how the writers can get Revan into the K3 plot regardless of whether you chose the DS or LS ending for K1. It's not a huge problem for the exile, since the exile ends up going to the unknown regions (or is at the very least suggested to do so) at the end of TSL, and so the difference between the LS and DS endings of TSL is minimal (the major one being Malachor's fate, which probably has no significance to KotOR3). The LS and DS endings of K1 are very, very different, however, and it's a challenge to write a storyline for KotOR3 that caters to both of them without writing totally different plots. This could be one way to do it.

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