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"You see those markings on the wall? I've tried to get through once, but couldn't. D'you think one of you could...?"

When no one stepped up to take charge, she sighed and slowly rose to her feet. Her entire body screamed at her in protest, but she managed to shunt the pain to another part of her brain. Approaching the man, she took the dagger out of his hand, neither gently nor roughly and limped over to the part of the wall he indicated. The entire surface seemed to pulse with an invisible, but oddly palpable aura. She shivered involuntarily, for the first time fully taking in the very creepy feeling the room exuded.

She shook her head and grunted, clearing her thoughts again. Studying the markings the man had indicated, she ran a hand across them, trying to decipher what their purpose was. Her bruised fingers made out an indentation in the wall, shallow and thin. She stooped forward to peer at it closely, but the dim light wasn't sufficient and she couldn't make anything out very well. "Looks like a lock of some sort," she rasped at her quiet companions.

Seized with a flash of inspiration, she raised the dagger to the indentation and carefully probed at it. After a few prods, the tip of the blade caught onto something inside the indentation and a loud click reverberated through the room. Raising an eyebrow, she tried to pull the daggar out, but it held fast. She frowned and tried twisting at it. Another click followed, then another, then another, until the daggar spun of its own accord. She took a step back as the mechanism continued to whirr and gasped in surprise as a section of the wall swung open, revealing a new chamber. Lighting inside wasn't any better, but it was enough to see that it was much larger than the room they were currently in. There was also a thick pillar in the center of the room, made of the same material as the walls.

She turned to look at the man who had spoken first. "How's that?" she asked dryly.
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