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"Well, things have certainly gotten interesting, haven't they, girl?" Vae asked Hallie as she led the small horse into a small hidden copse, away from the fighting. "Stay here, okay?" she said, petting Hallie's muzzle, then dashing off towards the battle. Gripping the handle of her longsword with her left hand, she cranked her right forward, sending a curved dagger spiraling into the face of an oncoming Goro. Using the momentum from her run, she quickly unsheathed her sword in a diagonal motion, catching a Minotaur full across the chest. It let out a guttural moan, then slumped to the ground.

Vae wrinkled her nose at the two dead enemies. Fighting wasn't one of her favorite activities, but she was fairly competent at it when push came to shove. Reaching down, she yanked her dagger from the goro's bloody face, then pressed onward.
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