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"Ogling? Who's ogling?" Nevertheless, Jyot found Arelyn entrancing, especially having never been this close to her. He swallowed hard, and was about to make a remark to her, when a memory flickered across his mind. He looked at Latch askance. "Erm, Latch, you did say she broke some guy's arms for cutting in line at the med station, right?"

Latch nodded, and Jyot reassessed his situation.

"Yeah, okay, I'll do my best not to ogle," he said to Arelyn. Still he couldn't seem to help himself and his eyes flicked quickly downwards over her chest. Then he grinned sheepishly at Aerlyn. "Much." He held up his free hand in rapid surrender. "But before you pull my arm out of its socket, may I remind you that I still have some adjustments and repairs to do in your turret? It would be best to think about hurting me after I did the repairs."

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