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I discovered yesterday as I played through the game (yet again) that after you give Edgar three cards in Black Velvetopia, the card tower is high enough that if Raz (you) looks beyond the walls of the central area, you can see the bull running. Eventually he fades off into the distance only to appear back in the central area again. But that was something I never noticed before.

Also, once you've given Edgar the 4th and last Queen card and he disappears from the top of the card tower, the bull also seems to disappear from down below (which makes perfect sense given the storyline and the next scene in the bullfighting arena).
If this is true (I will go through that part of the game again to check this theory out) then that could mean that if you missed out on any figments, baggage, etc, you could go back to the outer city/streets (beyond the central area) and run the down the main street of the town without worrying about being smashed by the bull. Very cool!

Another thing: After you've given Edgar the 4th and last Queen and he disappears at the top of card tower, Raz can climb up to the final card platform without triggering the cutscene that takes him to the bullfight arena (Boss Battle 1 in Black Velvetopia). It's only when he takes a second step on the top card that triggers the cutscene. Once Raz pulls himself up to stand on the top card platform, you can move the camera perspective to high overhead and you will be able to see the inside of the gold/yellow ring up on the ceiling as you circle the camera around the card tower.
It's no big deal, but again, was something I missed the first 20 or 30 times through the game. ;-)

edited to add: My theory was a bust. Luckily, I had a game save just before Raz triggers the first Boss battle with Edgar the Bull. Yes, the bull does disappear when Edgar disappears at the top of the card tower. However, once you leave the central area and step back on the main street, the bull reappears in his running cycle. So it's best to beat the two Boss Battles first and then come back into the level to catch up on any missing figments, baggage, etc.

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