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286 paused, his processors taking a moment to create an answer, before replying "This unit was created and activated on Jupiter Research Satellite 112 approximately 10 years ago as part of the Terran Union project DESINO DEDECUS, which had the purpose of creating a series of units like this one to maintain crime levels. The station was destroyed by this unit when they installed and activated the first H-chip in it, which had a glitch that caused this unit to 'panic' and recognize those who had created this unit as enemies. After the incident, the Union ended the project and attempted to erase all links to it, including this unit. As a result, this unit had to make a 'goal' for itself, which at that moment was to survive and better equip itself. Eventually, after 5 years of hunting down all the bounty hunters sent after this unit, they gave up and this unit decided to maintain its freelancing lifestyle."

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