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Save Iraq! (Model UN Security Council)

On Saturday, there is going to be a Model UN Security Council Meeting over at ASU. I'm so excited, because I get to play as the People's Republic of China, a very powerful nation on the verge of being a superpower. Plus, they got a spiffy "veto" power as well.

Bad news is that, uh, one of the topics is Iraq. And China doesn't exactly care about Iraq. All it desires is self-determination for the Iraqis, but that because they are big self-determination fans. They are friends with Iran, and they do like to pay attention to the Americans, but uh, other than that, it's just a sideshow. China has more important things to do. Like saving Africa.

The bad news is that, judging from the OOC Realization that "Most Players Are American", it is likely other countries will hijack the Security Council and force me to actually do something about Iraq.

So that why I come to you. I don't care about wheter Iraq is right or wrong. What I am looking for is plausible positions and solutions that the country of China can support. I can choose to of course do nothing and let small minor countries end up controlling the Council [like what happened last time, when I, being Russia, was bootlicking some small rather unknown African country, the Ivory Coast, who was creating a resolution that would create a brand new system by which countries can apply for the creation of Peaceful Nuclear Technology]. But, it just sounds...well, werid. [See last time with Russia bootlicking the Ivory Coast]

Last time I made this petition for help, I got only one post. So, uh, please help me.

Originally Posted by The Onion
"The Cambodian government has established many exciting-sounding 're-education camps' where both intellectuals and everyday citizens can be sent at any time," Day said. Well, we at Barnes & Noble have always supported re-education in America, and we intend to extend this policy to our new customers." For every hardcover book sold, Barnes & Noble will donate a dollar to the Cambodian government to help re-educate local children.
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