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Over the past few days I've been playing the Jedi Outcast single player again. Hadn't done it for a good 3-4 years.

In truth, I was rather amazed by the game. I had forgotten how nice it was. I really like how detailed each level is, and how the story is impressively engaging for what is ultimately a FPS game.

I don't think I had played JO since the release of Jedi Academy. And from a single player perspective, it really struck me how the JA levels feel dumbed down compared to the JO ones. Sure there are more missions in JA; but each level feels so... simple and unoriginal. Perhaps it's because you get your sabre right away. Or because you can get Heal 3 so soon. Or it could be totally unrelated with the gameplay, and could be because the story is simply not engaging.

So yeah, this is pretty much a pointless topic. Or rather, some random thoughts from someone who remembers the release of Dark Forces 1 and just had a nostalgia surge from playing a 2002 game =p

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