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ok i dont call anyone noobish (unless im playin battlefront 2 and strt pwning (which is every time) then i just lose cobtrol of myself) anyway you didnt mention if you every land reinforments or not press the r button to get additionel forces. here i have this in my copy paste from another tread ill put in startiges.

heres some good ones i use.

rebels: land all spedders except for 1 infantry plantoon and a hero. have one or to speeders protect the infantry as they take another base for more speeders. have all the other speeder go under the enemy shield and take it out. watch out 4 anti airs!!! after the shield is down now you can use artillary or just plain force on the rest of the buildins. go to the barracks and facrtorys and use speeders so no one can shoot u. i did this on coruscant and i won without a casualty i think. ok maybe one.
stratagy 2: brinf in chewy. and two tank squads. have chewy take over a tank (prefferably tie maller) and have him join with your tanks. give han a squad to follow the tanks and you merly have the planet. get in trouble? switch you t4s to missle mode.

empire: with the empire, you just wanna over do it. erly in the game? put out 9 atst squard and darth vader. there, you got so many atst you cant fit them all on a regular sized screen. go in and take everything out. if you run into large amounts of plex soilders, vaders fore push will do the job.

2: later in the game put down as many at ats as you can and the emporer (and darth vader, if you really must) now if you see speeders try to take them to ure side with force corrupt. also if u see alot of plexs. (OR IF YOU USE VADER FORCE PUSH.) also every chance you get, make sure to drop as many stromtroopers as possible. (put them in the front with your hero(s)) you got it.

heres a good one. for quick land ones. get jades to take over a base and have some atst or mallers defending her. one a squad comes have the tanks hold fire. over take the squad infantry and have the guards take out the tanks (if any) now send the infanty back to their base to do some damage! later more will come back and do it agian. if any of her gaurds go down replace them. while jades s having fun up there fett or vader can be having fun down there... with a squard of stormys and tanks that is. try to get vader/fett and there legion to arive at the rebel base the same time as your posseded rebels.
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